Our other animals


Just a snapshot of what we have to offer. Left is one of our guinea fowl, while right is an example of the types of chickens we have bred in the past.

And then there's the rest of the gang...

Alongside our emu, rhea and curly coats, we also breed seasonal birds. The birds we usually breed are chickens, turkeys, quail, guinea fowl and ducks.


We have our own breeding birds that often provide us with more eggs than we have room for, but we can also hatch birds to order. At the minute we have white Japanese quail and a few varieties of chicken, but over the years we have had a very wide variety visit us, meaning for any order you can be assured that we are experienced in hatching and bringing on chicks to a high standard. Small birds are an increasingly popular choice to keep in the garden as they produce plenty of eggs for the family, while providing joy as family pets.


So whether you want a group of ducks to parade on your lawn, or a bunch of beautiful guinea fowl (which are proven to be great guard dogs!), or simply a few chickens, we can source the eggs and hatch them off for you.


Want a turkey for Christmas? We can hatch them off ready for you to fatten up. We can provide one or two, or even fifty. You name it, we can sort it! For more information on this or for prices, you can send us an email or give us a call.