Welcome to Bramble Gate!


Hello and welcome to Bramble Gate! We are trusted local breeders specialising in Emus, Rheas, and the rare and distinctive Lincolnshire Curly Coat pig. My names Martin, and myself, and my wife, Sharon would like to show you how a small hobby can grow out of control, and into a way of life that we love!

Back in 2010 we were looking for a new hobby and a chance to learn something new. We were looking for something a little out of the norm, a challenge! So we sourced out some Emu eggs. By 2011 we invested in a small plot and created a space for our Emu's to grow (and play!). By 2012 our little family grew as we brought two Lincolnshire Curly Coat pigs.


As the workload grew, so did our passion! It is now 2014 and our most recent arrival is a group of white breeding Rhea. Our family is also expected to expand any day now as we await the arrival of piglets. We also hold seasonal stock of Chickens, Guineafowl, Quail, Turkeys, Rabbits and Guinea Pigs.


As you can see what started as a hunger for something new has turned into a small business. We breed and sell from all of our animals, while offering all of our little ones a nurturing environment. As well as taking care of the furry and feathery family, I offer local gardening services to cover the cost of running Bramble Gate.


Our website contains all you need to know about Bramble Gate and our animals. It also contains all you need to know about starting your own animal adventure.

Frank Clayton & Son Ltd. provided a top of the range service when we used their embroidery service for our workwear. Our shirts and sweaters, embroidered with our logo, look fantastic thanks to these! 

Some other great local businesses:

Quality breeder of Lincolnshire Curly Coat pigs and Ratite birds.

We also have other animals and birds available to order.

We currently have lots of cream leg bar hens in lay for sale, at £14 each. These are a great edition to farm or garden, and this beautiful chicken can provide the family with eggs every day.

We also have white Japanese quail young, fully feathered, unsexed. These can be bred to order, so if you require a large quantity just give us the numbers. These are £3 each.

We also have rabbits and guinea pigs available.

Pictures coming soon!

If you have any questions or need a bit more info do not hesitate to get in touch. We will get back to you as soon as possible!

We breed and sell all of our animals in order to cover the costs of running Bramble Gate. We breed our pigs in the hope that their numbers increase within the UK. We always put the needs of our animals first, never breeding intensely, and taking care of all our little ones the way they should be cared for (our pigs eat better than we do!).


It's also that time of year where Alice has been busy laying. We have lots of baby emus for sale. These lovely little birds are perfect for both experienced breeders or those starting a new chapter just like we did. We have provided lots of care and advice tips on the 'Emus' page for you to check out. Our young emu that are still under heat can go from £50 to an experienced breeder. Our older, slightly bigger birds that are off heat go for £100 each. We can assist with moving and handling and offer advice on this. These birds really are a great addition to small holdings and if hand reared like ours they are great friends!

For more information give us a call or email. All our contact info can be found on the site.


Bramble Gate  recently welcomed it's first litter of piglets from the wonderful Mable! She has given us 5 adorable, mischievous little boys: three reds, and two blonds. These little curly's are ready to go to new homes in the next couple of weeks. They are already extremely active (imagine a bunch of puppies and you can imagine our piglets), and they already have big appetites. See our pig page for advice and tips on shelter and care needs, and take a look at a few photos and see if these little boys are for you.

Piglets are £65 each. For more info just give us a call!


Will provides trusted, fully licenced and top quality Horse transport. His services come highly recommended!

Check out below the emus and pigs we have ready for new homes now...